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FCRA Prison Jail Address Class Action

Lawsuit about Credit Reports with Bad Payment History on Payday Loans

Your bad payment history on illegal, high-interest, payday loans should not be on your credit report.  Caddell & Chapman recently filed a class action lawsuit about TransUnion credit reports that include the payment history on void, high-interest loans from internet or “rent-a-tribe” payday lenders, specifically Great Plains and Plain Green.  Caddell & Chapman is still  investigating several other potential matters involving payday lenders.

These “payday” loans from internet-based lenders customarily charge usurious interest at an 

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Lawsuit Against Big Picture Loans, High-Interest Payday Lender

Following up on its investigation of internet lenders, Caddell & Chapman recently sued Big Picture Loans, LLC (and others) on behalf of two Georgia residents.  The lawsuit alleges that Big Picture Loans’ unlicensed lending at high interest rates violated several state and federal laws.  The plaintiffs request that the court declare that all Big Picture loans to Georgia residents are illegal, void, and uncollectible.  If the lawsuit is successful, borrowers’ debts to Big Picture Loans …

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Lawsuits about Nissan Transmission Problems

Caddell & Chapman is investigating customer complaints about the continuously variable transmission (CVT) in Nissan cars and trucks.  Nissan knows it has a problem with the CVT transmission system.  Nissan transmission problems have surfaced in many of its vehicles, and Nissan has extended the warranty on the transmission for many vehicle models.  However, Nissan customers are reporting transmission problems with newer model vehicles, such as the Nissan Quest, which fall outside of Nissan’s extended warranty.  …

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Investigating Samsung S8 Active with Gear VR Headset

Samsung marketed its S8 Active with a Gear VR Headset, but the headset does not work with that model of Samsung phone.  Caddell & Chapman is investigating potential class action litigation against Samsung for misleading consumers who bought the S8 Active with the Gear VR Headset.

Customers have repeatedly complained that they were sold the S8 Active and the Gear VR Headset as a package.  Customers thought they were getting a good deal — a …

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