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Ford Automobiles’ Wiring Damaged by Rodents

Caddell & Chapman is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company for damages caused by rodents chewing through its vehicles’ wiring.

Like many other large auto manufacturers, Ford uses biodegradable ingredients, including rice hulls and soy, in the wiring systems of certain vehicle models. Although the biodegradable insulation is supposed to be more environmentally friendly and less expensive than traditional insulating material, the wiring system offers something traditional wires do not:  an attractive chewing material for rats and other rodents.

Caddell & Chapman’s preliminary investigation has found that the wiring insulation in certain Ford Vehicles, including the F-150 pickup truck, is made of soy or other biodegradable materials that rats and other rodents like to chew and/or eat.  The research also has uncovered that when a rat or other rodent chews through the insulation, it often damages the vehicles’ wiring.  Despite the expensive damage caused by Ford’s choice of materials, Ford dealers will not cover the cost of repairs under its warranty.  Ford and its dealers effectively pass along costs of repairs to  consumers.

Similar class actions have been filed against Toyota and Honda.

If you or someone you know purchased or leased a Ford vehicle whose wires have been damaged by rodents, please contact us. 



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