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Investigating Samsung S8 Active with Gear VR Headset

Samsung marketed its S8 Active with a Gear VR Headset, but the headset does not work with that model of Samsung phone.  Caddell & Chapman is investigating potential class action litigation against Samsung for misleading consumers who bought the S8 Active with the Gear VR Headset.

Customers have repeatedly complained that they were sold the S8 Active and the Gear VR Headset as a package.  Customers thought they were getting a good deal — a phone and a virtual reality headset for less than buying the two items separately.  They also thought they were getting a headset that would work with the phone.  Instead, they were buying a phone at an inflated price with a headset that does not even fit the phone!  As a result of Samsung’s faulty promotion, customers spent too much money and ended up with a virtual reality headset that doesn’t even work on their phone.

On behalf of S8 Active owners, Caddell & Chapman is investigating Samsung’s mistaken combination of the S8 Active with the Gear VR Headset as a sales promotion.  Caddell & Chapman is looking into why Samsung overcharges its customers for a telephone and then refuses to take responsibility for its poor marketing promotion and compensate S8 Active buyers.

If you or someone you know bought Samsung’s package of the S8 Active and the Gear VR Headset, please contact us. 


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